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Things Change - Pt 8

May 8th, 2007, 7:00 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply RyanMC, May 8th, 2007, 8:36 pm

I’ll try to avoid doing any Hamlet jokes, but I’m not making any promises.

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User's Comments:

Reply supercomputer276, May 8th, 2007, 8:39 pm

I say Mega Man is a has-been here.

Reply scytheholder, May 8th, 2007, 8:44 pm

Dear lord, Cut! Megaman, next time we do this scene, don't talk, and Dr.Wily, could you please stick to the script?
Up,upp,upp,upp, none of that, do it right, or your fired.
Next up on the list below Wily:Dr.Light.

Reply Autobobby1, May 8th, 2007, 8:50 pm

Well, at least he can talk. It probably won't help, though.

Reply Angel85, May 8th, 2007, 10:12 pm

so what? did Wily connect Megaman's brain to a 9 volt battery or something so so he could gloat to his severed head? Man, it would be awkward if Roll sees him like that...

Reply Shadron, May 9th, 2007, 1:43 am

in all likelihood dr.light probably put a small auxiliary powersupply in megamans head for really bad emrginces when his main power core is dead, or damaged, not enuf to really fight, probably enuf to teleport away or run or something, and if he's just a head then he's got plenty of power to basically just talk...... and yeah....

Reply Matt (Guest), May 9th, 2007, 12:21 pm

Sonic: Alas, poor Rock, I knew him well... Heh, I couldn't resist. I'm weak. So sue me. anyway, why would there be an auxiliary power supply in his head? what could Megaman do without his body? chew off Wily's ankles? And how could he teleport? I would imagine that the teleportation module would be in the main body.

More likely Wily attached a couple 9volt batteries to his head. Since Wily jointly built Protoman, who Megaman is based off of, and Bass, who is based off of Megaman, It would be pretty easy.

As for why, well Wily has to gloat to somebody, and gloating to your minions just isn't as fun as gloating to enimies. And let's not forget that Wily was beaten nearly a dozen times by a 4 foot 5 inch blue make shift battle robot. That would definatly bruise the ego just a tad. I'm not saying Wily has issues(as my nose grows ever longer), but he probably wants to literally rub his triumph in Megaman's face, as well as make him watch his little brother's(Megaman X) destruction/reprogramming.

So long story short, beaten by a blue midget=big time bruised ego.

Reply Guest, May 9th, 2007, 2:43 pm

If I were Megaman I would just chant "scoreboard" over and over agian

Reply Mythril, May 9th, 2007, 4:41 pm

@ Last Maverick: I was thinking that. Are you talking about the black knight? You know, "Come back! I'll bite you!"

Reply Vulpis (Guest), May 9th, 2007, 9:43 pm

Since noone else has said it, I suppose I must..

All this effort by Wily, just to get a-head in the world? ;-)

Reply Corey, May 10th, 2007, 7:46 am

I thought it was, "Come back here you coward! I'll bite your kneecaps off!"

Reply Tatsurou, May 10th, 2007, 12:08 pm

Actually it's "I'll bite ye ankles!"

As for a auxillary power source in his head, I would assume it would be to keep his motherboard running long enough to be salvaged and rebuilt. That would prevent any degredation to his memory core.

Reply Mythril, May 10th, 2007, 3:22 pm

If any of you watch Xaolin Showdown, Wily kinda reminds me of the bad guy Jack, cause he always gloats like that... and then he loses... and then he cries.

Reply Vulpis (Guest), May 10th, 2007, 3:37 pm

Either that, or enough of Light's designs have had their heads shot off that he planned ahead (pun intended) on this one? ;-)

Reply Zërø (Guest), June 3rd, 2008, 1:56 pm

Is it just me or does this seem a lot like a joke done (and overused) in Bob & George?

Reply kinny-man, August 14th, 2008, 5:57 am

Bob & George never done a joke like this (i dont think they did, anyway)

Reply spbomb13, June 13th, 2013, 9:49 pm


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